What are the Masterlink trays made out of?
PVC composite.


Can you custom paint the trays after purchase?Yes! While the material is quite strong its soft enough to handle a hobby knife and custom texturing and takes well to primer and paint.

Will my PVC trays warp?
Your PVC tray can be susceptible to warping if left in your vehicle in direct sunlight during hotter temperatures. 


What paints does the Spectrum paint fit?
P3, Vallejo and newer GW paints.  It does not fit older hex shaped GW paints.  The hole diameter is 1.35”


Why does my double decker upgrade kit not have magnets on the top?
The magnet feature is only intended for the lower deck of the tray. A player can easily slide the entire magnetized sub tray out while not having to fish out their minis with the top deck in the way. The top deck would have no such space restrictions and would therefore not need magnets to slide a tray out to unload miniatures.


If I pay for 2 day shipping does that mean I should expect my order in 2 days? 
No. 2 day shipping is the transit time once delivery service receives the order.  Time is still required to gather your order, pack, create a label and get it to the post office.


If I buy the starter a Masterlink, can I add drawers or a double decker later?
Yes! The Masterlink is the ideal tray system to enhance as your gaming needs increase!