Master-Link Tray System

Master-Link Tray System


Holds up to:

(99) x 30mm bases
(56) x 40mm bases
(21) x 50mm bases
(2) x 120mm bases.

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A Master Piece in an evolving and growing gaming community! Most seasoned players have eventually picked up more than one faction during their tour of duty. Coupled with an ever increasing point count tournament scene, the Master-Link tray is sure to handle all that your lists demand!

With it’s unique interlocking sub-tray system, a player need not worry if the lists he/she wants to play will fit on the Master-Link, even from one event to another! It’s interchangeable  sub-trays offer a player the unique ability to cater to a wide range of lists and factions needs!

The MasterLink Tray system comes stock with a base tray and 6 sub trays (Models A-F).

Manufactured from a sturdy Black PVC composite, the Master-Link and it’s Sub- trays offers the ability to be painted, customized and stylized to match the army it carries!

Now Double Decker Ready!


**WARNING** Substrate is PVC and will warp if left in extreme heat temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time- So DON’T leave it in your car!